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  • Table 1. Hospital Description Data
  • Table 2. Intravenous Opioids Administered in the ED
  • Table 3. Demographics of Patients receiving IV Opioids in the ED and Hospitals providing ED Care
  • Figure 1. Contribution of the Components to the Overall Costs, assuming Administration of 2 IV Opioid Doses
  • Table 4. Individual Costs (2016 USD)
  • Table 5. Total Costs (2016 USD)
  • Table 6. Summary of Non-cost Input Parameters for AEs and IV Complications
  • Table 7. Summary of Costs to Manage each AE and IV Complication in US Emergency Departments
  • Table 8. Estimated Cost for Management of AEs and IV Complications associated with IV Opioid Use in the ED (weighted for relative frequency for morphine, hydromorphone, fentanyl)