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Manuscripts must be submitted by one of the authors of the manuscript, not by a representative on their behalf. The submitting author takes responsibility for the article throughout the submission process.

Please note that JHEOR charges a publication fee on all accepted manuscripts. To streamline the publication process and minimize costs, JHEOR only accepts online submissions. Mailed submissions will not be returned nor reviewed.

Electronic files can be uploaded separately or together in a zipped file. Accepted file formats include .pdf, .docx/doc, .xlsx/xls, .tex and .zip.

Authors should submit a cover letter with their manuscript to support the publication request and outline each author's contributions. The letter should also declare potential competing interests, if any. If your article is part of a special issue, please also indicate this in your cover letter.

Submission should include a title page, listing authors with their affiliations, contact details of the corresponding author, 5-7 key words of the manuscript, and a list of potential peer reviewers who are experts in their field and able to provide an objective assessment of the manuscript. Any suggested peer reviewers should not have published with any of the authors of the manuscript within the past 5 years, should not be current collaborators, and should not be members of the same research institution. Suggested reviewers will be considered alongside potential reviewers recommended by the JHEOR editorial team and/or our Editorial Advisors.

Please note that JHEOR applies double-blind peer review. Therefore, the manuscript title page should be uploaded as a separate document or as part of the cover letter, and not be included in the main manuscript file.

For assistance with the submission process, please email manuscripts.



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