Scores Item Number Scoring algorithm
Total Symptom Score 1–29 Average of individual item scores
Total Symptom Score without Injection Site (TSS-IS) 1–22, 24–29 Average of individual item scores except item #23
Overall Body System Score - Average of Body System Scores
Constitutional Body System Score (CBSS)
Gastrointestinal Body System Score (GBSS)
Psychiatric Body System Score (PBSS)
Neurocognitive Body System Score (NBSS)
Integumentary Body System Score (IBSS)
Injection Site Body System Score (ISBSS)
Overall Body System Score without Injection Site (OBSS-IS) - Average of all Body System Scores except ISBSS
Body System Scores (BSS)
Constitutional (CBSS) Average of 7 item scores
1 Feverish (feeling hot, sweating or cold)
2 Sore or achy muscles or joints
3 Headache
8 Shortness of breath
9 Tiredness
10 Physically weak
27 Loss of appetite/did not feel like eating
Gastrointestinal (GBSS) Average of 9 item scores
4 Queasy or nauseous
5 Stomach pain or cramps
6 Pain or discomfort around your liver
7 Constipation
20 Pain or burning near anus
24 Dry mouth
26 Diarrhea (very loose or liquid stools)
28 Things taste bad or had little flavor
Psychiatric (PBSS) Average of 3 item scores
11 Easily irritated
12 Sad or depressed
13 Worried or anxious
Neurocognitive (NBSS) Average of 5 item scores
14 Trouble remembering things
15 Trouble thinking clearly or concentrating
16 Problems getting to sleep or staying asleep
22 Feeling faint or dizzy
25 Ringing or buzzing sound in ears
Integumentary (IBSS) Average of 5 item scores
17 Dry or itchy skin
18 Tender or irritated skin
19 Jaundice (yellowish skin or eyes)
21 Hair loss
29 Your hair or nails look or feel bad (dry, dull, break easily)
Injection Site reactions (ISBSS) Single item score
23 Soreness or swelling where medicine was injected