Cost Category Definition
Anesthesia Cost of anesthesia and associated labor. Common anesthesia costs include nerve injections, blocks, and ultrasound guidance if required. Associated labor may include time of anesthesia (by time period, eg, 90-150 min, 151-210 min, etc), CRNA, and supervision.
Imaging Cost of all imaging procedures and labor during the perioperative period. Common costs include x-rays and interpretation of results if specified.
Implant Cost of implant knee system and associated materials (femoral, tibial, and patellar components; cement; mixing equipment and devices).
Lab Cost of all lab work ordered during the perioperative period. Common lab orders include metabolic panels, blood typing, CBC, hemoglobin, coagulation studies, and EKG.
Operating room Institutional cost associated with use of operating room assessed every 15 minutes.
Other perioperative Includes costs not directly tied to other categories, often unique and not seen often. Examples may include ventilation management and neuromuscular repeat patient education.
Physician Cost of hospitalists and specialists other than the orthopedic surgeon. Consults are categorized by level (1-4).
Preoperative CT scan Cost of CT scan during a preoperative office visit for robotic-assisted surgery patients
Preoperative prep Cost associated with preoperative prep of the room and patient. Costs are assessed every 15 minutes.
Prescriptions Cost of ordered and prescribed medications.
Recovery Cost associated with patient recovery after surgery prior to transfer. Assessed every 30 minutes.
Room Institutional cost associated with use of a hospital room.
Supply Costs associated with supplies used during the operation and recovery process (usually single-use supplies). Common costs include saw blades, drill bits, TED stockings, gauze, blankets, gowns, and replacement filters.
Surgeon Cost associated with the orthopedic surgery team performing the operation.
Therapy Cost associated with therapeutic activity and procedures assessed every 15 minutes. Common costs include assessment of mobility, discharge goal status, occupational and physical therapy evaluations, and self-care training/status.