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Onur Baser, PhD, MS

Associate Professor

Center for Innovation & Outcomes Research

Department of Surgery

Columbia University, New York, NY




Dr. Baser is an Associate Professor of Surgery at Columbia University, Professor of Economics and Adjunct Professor of Internal Medicine at The University of Michigan. His work in the field of propensity score matching was one of the first applications of econometric techniques in outcomes research to provide guidelines for choosing among different types of matching techniques. Dr. Baser created the ProbChoice™, SIFRA™, CompQual™, NatWeight™, SES Score™, and SAMPSIZE™ algorithms. His co-authored work created a composite score, which is used by the National Institute of Health to profile U.S. hospitals. He adopted a weight mechanism to create national representative data sets using private insurance databases.

Dr. Baser is a frequent speaker at international conferences. In recent years, he has taught the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics Outcomes Research (ISPOR) pre-conference short courses on “Modeling using Real-world Data”.  Dr. Baser was also selected as a professor for the distance learning program by the same society, and served as  co-chair of the ISPOR research review committee.

Dr Baser’s webinars on estimating health care cost models, comparison of propensity score matching techniques and selection bias issues in outcomes research attract researchers from a wide variety of disciplines and institutions. He also serves as a litigation expert on statistical issues. Dr. Baser authored more than 400 worldwide presentations and publications, and contributed to several book chapters. His book on the estimation of health care costs was published in April 2012.

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